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Why homemade is the best food for Yorkies



Commercial dog food, specifically dried dog food, is predominately made from scrap products from the food industry. This means thing that do not pass standards necessary to be put in human food. So instead of throwing this waste away, many companies put this into dog (and other animals) food, utilizing bones, rotting fruits and vegetables, gristle and probably the worst: diseased, dead and dying animals to make the food they want you to feed your dog.

Dog food companies use chemicals and preservatives to keep this subpar food from noticeably rotting, selling this would be trash to dog owners at a profit. This food may look decent, it isn\’t. When you feed your precious dog commercially made food, it is like feeding fast food, only worse. The substandard processing and ingredients that are used to make this garbage results in many health issues for your dog: cancer, early aging, hair loss, heart disease, diabetes, allergies lethargy to name a few. Feeding commercially made dog food is one of the worse things you could do for their health.

Since we equate health and well-being with what we eat, we should consider the same is true for your Yorkie\’s homemade dog food. All processed pet foods, whether sold in cans, bags or frozen at the larger supermarkets and health food stores are missing the most important ingredient. It is a quality found only in freshly grown, uncooked whole foods – Life energy!

Having a happy healthy and trim puppy is what we want. Having a wholesome diet is our goal when we decide to make homemade food.

Meal Subscriptions Are Rising in Popularity

Since dogs are meat-eaters (carnivores) and according to Dr. Pitcairn\’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats\"\" is in our opinion the go-to resource for pet food made at home. However, this can be time consuming.

Dog food subscription companies are a much healthier and higher quality alternative for dog owners who wish to feed fresh, healthy homemade meals but lack the time to prepare themselves. Many new companies have come on the scene. Even though the products they sell are more expensive than traditional commercial dried dog food, people have switched for this healthier alternative.

When weighing the pros and cons, commercial dog food is not an option that is healthy and really right down to it is not an option for dog health. Why would we expose our lovable pets to ingredients and chemicals you would not want to consume? We wouldn\’t. There are now many options for picking the right dog meal subscription. They may look the same, but the differences are worth noting.

Top Picks for Subscription Dog Meals

For Best Ingredient Quality

Best for Nutritional Density

Best for customization to your dogs needs


What\’s The Best Dog Food For Yorkies With Skin Allergies?

Common Symptoms Of Food Allergies

Your little one can have any combination of above. The symptoms can occur when they come in contact with a surface, food, or even seasonal. Switching your dog\’s diet can be one way of treating such allergies. Some small dogs are allergic to chicken products. This is very common.

Allergies typically cause skin issues like rash, hot spots, sores (due to so much scratching), along with common digestive issues like vomiting, diarrhea, bloating or flatulence. Triggers that are common in food allergies include:

  • Synthetic preservatives
  • Dyes and flavorings that are artificial
  • Grains and other products that contain soy, wheat or corn
  • Some meats and poultry along with eggs and dairy

Upon making the food switch, you will need to monitor your dog for weeks to see improvements to be noticeable.

Possible Recommendation


Wild Earth™

If your dog doesn\’t love Wild Earth Dog Food after 30 days, get a full refund, no questions asked.

Edibles That Should Be Avoided

Poisonous Plants and Shrubs – To avoid poisoning your favorite pet, you need to keep dangerous plants out of reach or replace them with safer alternatives. Yorkies are adventurous pets who love to explore their surroundings. In many homes, Yorkshire Terriers live indoors and also spend time in the yard and garden. Some indoor and outdoor plants are toxic if eaten by your dog.

Chocolate – Being one of the most popular treats for humans, dogs eating chocolate can lead to some serious health problems for your beloved pet. The ingredients contained in chocolate are toxic when they enter your pet’s digestive system. The result of a Yorkshire Terrier eating chocolate is often catastrophic and in some cases, leads to death.

Onions – Being an ingredient common in human meals, Onions are another food to avoid. Many pet owners don’t realize these vegetables can affect your pet’s well-being, with some serious consequences. When your Yorkie eats onions, toxins in these vegetables create a blood disorder called hemolytic anemia. Dogs become ill and can develop health problems including liver damage which will affect their quality of life.

Mushrooms – Mushrooms are another popular type of food humans love, but can put your Yorkie’s health at risk. Toxins in mushrooms often lead to serious health issues such as canine liver disease, kidney problems and even death.

Fatty Foods – Yorkshire Terriers are no exception when it comes to a diet containing too much fat which is unhealthy for most animals. Many health problems develop if your Yorky is fed high fat food for a long period of time. Obesity and even diabetes can develop if you dog is living this type of unhealthy lifestyle.

Your Yorkshire Terrier diet and the type of food they eat often decides how long your pet lives and whether or not they lead a healthy life. These adventurous pets love exploring their surrounding, and will attempt to eat anything in their way. This means they could be eating food they shouldn’t. Identifying potentially dangerous food and stopping your Yorkie from eating these types of food can save your dogs‘ life and help them live a better life too.

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