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GorjessPets Yorkie Scholarship

Who doesn\’t love puppies! Gorjesspets.com is a reputable breeder with Yorkie puppies for sale for those looking to for quality when looking for a Yorkie. We pride ourselves in complete information about the care, grooming, behavioral problems as well as training, nutrition and health of our Yorkshire Terriers. We are passionate about what we do, because dogs are very much a part of our lives.

Information About Our Scholarship

We are pleased to announce a $500 USD annual scholarship for the 2018-2019 academic year for creative, like minds who share our canine passion.

Final Submission Date: December 1 (every year)

Award Date: December 12, 2020

Eligibility Requirements:

How this scholarship will be awarded:

  1. Proof that eligibility requirements are met.
  2. The scholarship payment will be forwarded to the college or university attended by the winning student.  It will be provided in the form of a co-payable check to be applied to the student’s next tuition fee. Student will not directly receive this grant.
  3. Winning student will be contacted directly through email.

The successful project will likely be judged on the grounds of user experience, innovation, and its own originality. A number of the questions that may direct judges’ choice are the following: Does the job solve an issue, and if so persuasively does the applicant present her or his viewpoint? Is it true that the project aim for creativity, or does it duplicate what is already available?

Title of Scholarship – 

GorjessPets Yorkshire Terrier Student Scholarship

What applicant needs to do to participate:

  1. Participant must currently have a dog or grew up with a dog
  2. Choose from the following topics. These can be combined.
    • How has a dog taught you about responsibility.
    • What dog owners can do to keep their pets out of shelters.
    • How puppy mills have helped or hurt dog breeding.
    • How dogs can emotionally help us and our community.
    • How do dogs affect our personalities.
    • How dogs affect us in the workplace, home.
    • How dogs help serving our country or service animals for those in need.
  3. The essay must be original (and will be checked for plagiarism), well planned and  a minimum of 1,000+ words. Longer essays will be accepted.
  4. Make sure you read the requirements of eligibility or your submission will be voided.
  5. To enter, complete the form below and submit.
  6. No purchase or fee to apply.
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Note: We run multiple scholarships each year. If this scholarship isn\’t the one for you, bookmark this page and re-visit us to find out what new scholarship contest we have going on.

Additional Information & Official Rules

PLEASE NOTE: GorjessPets will never share or sell applicant\’s supplied information. Information is for the sole purpose of awarding academic scholarship only.


Previous Winners – Congratulations!

Winter 2018: Roberta Ross – Grand Valley State University

Winter 2017: Ariana Leansa – FSU

Spring 2016: Michael Evans – MSU
Fall 2016: Chris Stevenson – WSU

Spring 2015: Jacob Christofferson – U of Colorado Boulder
Fall 2015: Sarah Bradley – Nevada State College

Coming Soon