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Welcome to our family of furry friends! We’re thrilled to introduce you to our newest litter of puppies. Each one is looking for a loving home and a lifetime of adventures. Dive in to meet your new best friend!

Meet our adorable litter of Yorkie puppies, ready to bring endless joy and companionship into your home! Currently, we’re accepting deposits for these little bundles of love, who will be ready to join their forever families at the end of September. Each puppy promises to be a faithful friend, sharing every moment with you. Watch now to find your perfect match and take the first step towards welcoming your new Yorkie puppy into your life.

We’re committed to finding forever homes for our puppies and conduct our sales with integrity. Our puppies are sold directly to individuals who share our commitment to providing loving homes; thus, we do not engage with brokers or puppy mills.

Our pricing reflects the exceptional pedigree, care, and love our puppies receive from birth. Breeding is a responsibility we take very seriously, ensuring each Yorkie meets high standards for appearance, health, and temperament. Should circumstances change, our contract grants us the first option to welcome any dog back, ensuring their ongoing welfare.

We pride ourselves on producing Yorkies that meet the highest standards, including desirable traits and a history free from genetic defects. We encourage you to read testimonials from satisfied owners right here on our site.

Every puppy stays with us until at least 12 weeks old to ensure proper socialization and development. The investment in our puppies goes beyond financial considerations; it encompasses extensive love, care, and health measures from the moment they’re born. We advise due diligence in selecting a breeder to ensure your puppy comes from a place of love and exceptional care.

Only serious inquiries, please. We will not sell to brokers or puppy mills. Forever homes only.

My pups are priced according to the quality of the puppies. When I have Yorkies for sale, I take breeding my dogs as my responsibility no matter what. My contract also insists that if you cannot take care of one of my dogs later on, I get first right of refusal.

Prices reflect the quality of the pedigrees and the love and care. Our goal of level top lines, good bites, tight knees, and a history of non-genetic defects, as well as a healthy, happy puppy are our greatest concern. I invite you to see actual comments from people who have purchased Yorkies from me on the front of this site.

Every puppy leaving our possession will be a minimum of 12 weeks of age depending on the size of the puppy to facilitate adequate socialization, as well as, appropriate emotional and temperament development.

Each puppy is raised above and beyond their costs to me. I provide pups that have been showered with love, attention, and health care, with very carefully planned breedings. Please be careful when selecting a puppy. Good breeders put all of their time and A LOT of their money into the care of their dogs and pups.