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Yorkie puppies for sale nearby! Today when you see those four words, there’s action. Because of their long-standing popularity, Yorkie puppies are in high demand. A Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkies, as they are called, are the second most popular dog breed in the United States, passed only by the Labrador Retriever. These cute puppies are small, weighing in at 7 pounds or less as adults.

Yorkys are Terriers, and Terriers are intelligent and independent. They are courageous, acting much bigger than they are. They fit in with families very well but are bold and may not be suitable for kids and small children. The Yorki also will often bark at strangers, but it has been found that this is due to how the owner trains the animal.

Many Yorkshire Terrier puppy breeders will tell you that the “tea cup” nomination does not mean anything other than the smallest of the breed. And, a Toy Yorkie does not mean frail or fragile.

Values Of A Reputable Breeder Near You

My pups are priced according to the quality of puppies. When I have Yorkies for sale, I take breeding my dogs as my responsibility no matter what. Prices reflect the quality of the pedigrees and the love and care. Our goal of level top-lines, good bites, tight knees and a history of non-genetic defects, as well as a healthy, happy puppy are our greatest concern. I invite you to see actual comments from people who have purchased Yorkies from me on the front of this site.

Yorkie Puppies For Sale by GorjessPets Yorkies

Every puppy leaving our possession will be a minimum of 12 weeks of age depending on size of puppy to facilitate adequate socialization, as well as, appropriate emotional and temperament development.

Each puppy is raised above and beyond their costs to me. I provide pups that have been showered with love, attention and health care, with very carefully planned breedings. Please be careful when selecting a puppy. Good breeders put all of their time and A LOT of their money into the care of their dogs and pups.

Raising a litter of quality Yorkie pups is very costly to reputable breeders. We work very hard to raise the best quality pups possible, and we work around the clock with no breaks other than sleep. I cannot stress to you how careful you should be when selecting your little companion… take your time and select a breeder who is not trying to move a pup quickly to just take your hard-earned money. Most reputable Yorkie breeders do not even profit a whole lot from their litters, although they should be compensated for their work. In my opinion, you need to contact the actual breeder. Google the breeder’s name and or kennel and see if there are any positive or negative issues. Of course even the best breeder can have an unhappy customer now and then, but it is the responsibility of the future puppy owner to do your own research when you see Yorkies for sale.

Considering the around-the-clock care, cleaning, feeding, health care, supplies, grooming, and above all, the devotion a good breeder puts into any litter, as well as, the permanent, loving care they provide to their adult Yorkies year round. You can bet if you find a breeder like this, you are going to get what you pay for. Whether or not they are able to be registered is only important to the person that will own the dog. If you don’t care about showing the one and just want to know you have a Yorkshire Terrier without a doubt, papers won’t matter so much.

Buying one of these precious dogs is a great way to add joy to your life. Take your time when you are doing your search so that you get a good, healthy dog.

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I hope you take into consideration the breeder’s values and how high the bar they set for their breeding programs. Please view this page for our available puppies or call us for current puppy availability as it is hard to keep up with pictures on our website as our pups go quickly.